Heat Shrink Tape for Critical Carbon Fiber Parts

Manufacturing critical parts that necessitate multiple layers of consolidation, like fan cases and actuators/driveshafts, is serious business. The need to compact 20, 30, 40 or 50+ layers of composite material can require a combined approach in order to achieve the extreme PSI numbers required. Our customers have found great success in using our Hi-Shrink tape for carbon fiber in the 2, 3 and 5 mil variety to aid in creating high quality, extremely durable, laminated components for use in a variety of applications.

Of our sensitive applicaations, aircraft fan cases and are among the most force dependent. In order to achieve results that will yield a high-quality carbon fiber case, of our 320/520S shrink tapes for carbon fiber provide the primary link in the compaction chain. Followed by a vacuum bag and autoclave, large diameter parts with many layers of carbon toe are effectively consolidated for a durable and reliable part for the commercial aircraft industry. These lighter weight components are critical to the success of the new wave of composite aircraft, in search of better emissions, performance and greater traveling capacity.

Concerned about meeting stringent demands? You can always contact us for a sample of our shrink tape for carbon fiber applications and request a consultation.

Never Compromise On Composite Consolidation

Composite drive shafts and hybrid driveshafts are no longer relegated to high-end racing teams and the aftermarket audience. Global manufacturers like BMW, Porsche and Nissan have been using carbon drive shafts in some of their offerings for years while many more companies are planning integrations into mid-range, suv, compacts and sports cars over the next few years. The driveshaft is arguably one of the most critical components to the drive system, transferring the power of the motor to the wheels. It makes sense then, that these components must be rock solid and outperform their steel or aluminum counterparts. That is where Dunstone’s heat shrink solutions come in.

Discover Complete Compaction with Dunstone’s Shrink Tape

In the video below from QA1, you can see the process from start to finish. It is critical in this process that sufficient compaction on a very long part is generated to ensure the mechanical stability of the product. At about the 2:00 minute mark you can see the application of our film on a filament wound driveshaft blank. QA1 uses a steep overlap of our 220R 1” wide material to ensure they generate the maximum force necessary to capture the strength of those fibers in combination with the resin system. This is a perfect example of how our Hi-Shrink tape’s performance can be tailored to suit your application and specifications simply by modifying the application of the film itself.

To learn more about how our shrink tape can be adjusted to meet your needs, be sure to speak directly to our team. Our team of engineers are ready to maximize tape performance to suit your application needs.