We are moving all of our slitting,  packaging, and shipping services to Hiram, Ohio

Historically, the production of our heat shrink films has taken place at our Hiram, Ohio location and they are then shipped to our location in Charlotte, North Carolina where slitting, packaging, and shipping take place. Recently, Dunstone made the decision to consolidate all of our services to our Hiram, Ohio location to improve the efficiency of production. If you are considering partnering with Dunstone for your shrink tape needs, read on to see how the move will benefit your business and when to expect the full scope of our services to be back up and running.

How Our Move Benefits You

Bringing all of our operations together under one roof will allow us to service our customers — new and old — with greater efficiency. Since our heat shrink films will be able to go straight from production to slitting, packaging, and shipping, we will be able to finish your product more efficiently. Additionally, without having to wait for your product to be shipped from one location to the next, your lead times will shorten. So, now when you partner with Dunstone, you know you will be receiving your high-quality heat shrink product in the fastest time frame possible.

How the Move Will Work

Our move from North Carolina to Ohio will take place in early March of 2024. Because of this timeline, the last day of production and shipping from the North Carolina location will be at the end of February. We will then work to move our equipment to our Ohio facility and get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our team is doing everything we can to minimize downtimes and disruptions to the production and shipping of your products. During the two weeks we will be moving and setting up equipment, we will be limited in our ability to produce and ship orders. Once we are moved in, however, we will be ramping up production to tackle all of our new and existing client needs. If you have an emergency please contact your sales representative to see what opinion you may have.

Whether You Need Heat Shrink Tape or Tubing, Dunstone is Here for You

Since 1958, Dunstone has been an industry-leading supplier and manufacturer of heat-shrinkable polyester tape and other advanced heat-shrink products. Both our Hi-Shrink Tapes and Hi-Shrink Tubing can be customized to your application in order to maximize the desired result.

Our Hi-Shrink Tapes apply compressive force to parts as the temperature rises, resulting in a consistent surface finish, elimination of voids and gas, and improved part function. We have various options based on curing temperature and shrink percentage so you get the perfect product for your needs. Our Hi-Shrink Tubing is typically designed for tooling applications that need to be covered in a release layer before curing. Choose from FEP tubing or PET tubing depending on your needs.

Contact our team today to learn more about our highly engineered products and how we can help.