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Composite Shrink Tape & Tubing

Dunstone specializes in manufacturing mylar shrink tape and release film tubing. Our Hi-Shrink Tapes and Tubing are designed to make the processing of Advanced Composite parts, faster, easier, and lower in cost.

Hi-Shrink Tape is a tough, flexible, heat shrinkable polyester film. When wrapped around an object and heated, Hi-Shrink Tape has the unique ability to shrink and apply pressure to the surface of composite parts. This simple method of pressure application is used to advantage in many segments of the composites market for optimizing surface finish, consolidation and reducing porosity.

Hi-Shrink Tubing is a heat shrinkable tube made from a fluoropolymer release film. It is designed to shrink to fit on the outside of aerospace composite tooling to provide a releasable surface for part lay-up. We make heat shrinkable tubing primarily out of FEP and ETFE as well as other release films upon request.

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Advanced Composites

Composites such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass, PEEK and other thermosets/thermoplastics are used in multiple industries due to their durability, strength and weight. Our heat shrink tapes and tubes are ideal for simple geometry parts that require a heated cure cycle where compression and release is critical. Dunstone’s products are applicable in energy, aerospace, automotive and various other industries that take advantage of composite manufacturing.


Today’s commercial aircrafts are designed to be as light and as strong as possible, which allows for a higher passenger capacity per flight, lower emissions and more sustainable travel. To achieve this, aircrafts are made with many composites, such as carbon fiber. Our heat shrink mylar tape and fluoropolymer tubing for composite products are designed to aid in the manufacturing of some of these composite parts with compression and release. Our Hi-Shrink Tape is commonly used to consolidate tube structures and stringers.


Much like aircrafts, many automobiles incorporate carbon fiber and other composites into their designs. As a result, our heat shrink tape and tubing for composites products are ideal for applications that require easy consolidation of constant cross section components. Our tape is commonly used during the manufacturing of carbon fiber drive shafts among other integral components. Learn more here.


Our heat shrink tape and tubing products are also utilized in the wind power, oil and gas, and electric motor industries. Our Hi-shrink tape is used to consolidate wind turbine blade roots, large and small composite pipelines for both fluid and gas transport and as a consolidation and sacrifice film for electric coil manufacturers. These applications require high amounts of pressure to achieve the ideal structural integrity, and our tape is often used with and without an autoclave or other pressure systems.

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