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Heat Shrinkable Tapes and Tubing

Explore our extensive portfolio of industry-leading Hi-Shrink Tapes and Hi-Shrink Tubing. With in-stock options as well as customization capabilities, we can help you find the right heat shrink tape or tubing for your next application.


At Dunstone, we’ve developed multiple high-performance heat shrinkable tape and heat shrinkable tubing solutions for some of the most demanding applications. Explore our solutions below and connect with our engineering team to discuss your next project.

Dunstone Hi-Shrink Heat Shrink Tape

Dunstone offers a complete portfolio of heat shrink tape solutions for applications with temperatures ranging from 165ºC to 400ºC.

Dunstone Hi-Shrink Heat Shrink Tubing

Dunstone offers innovative heat shrink tubing solutions in FEP, PET, and other materials. Explore our products and request a sample.

Custom Converting Solutions

From high-temperature disposable vessels to silicone release-coated shrink tape, Dunstone offers custom converting solutions for your unique application.


From aerospace and automotive to oil & gas and sporting goods, Dunstone supports organizations creating advanced components for multiple markets around the world with our Hi-Shrink Tape and Hi-Shrink Tubing products.


From shrink formulas and FAQs to product data sheets and SDS files, everything you need to make your application a success can be found here.

Dunstone: Your Global Heat Shrink Supplier

Dunstone is a global heat shrink supplier offering innovative lines of Hi-Shrink Tape, Hi-Shrink Tubing, and more. Learn more about us here.


Get in touch with our engineering team today to discuss your shrink tape or tubing needs, or request a complimentary sample of an in-stock product for testing in your production process.

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