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New Material Supplier Approved

Dear Customers, Over the past few months we have been evaluating a second source for the polyester film we use in our heat shrink tapes. We have found this second source’s product to meet or exceed our requirements and match very closely to our current/primary supplier. We intend to approve this secondary supplier and source only about 20% of our total demand from them…

Dunstone Manufactures Disposable Test Tube Liners...

The disposable FEP test tube liners were designed to reduce test tube cleaning time and increase throughput in high volume labs. You simply place a liner inside your test tube, add your sample and process as usual. Once you are done processing your sample, you can remove the liner and discard.…

Hi-Shrink Tape and Compaction Films, What's The Difference?

Dunstone shrink tape has a multitude of advantages over polypropylene and nylon. We take a deep dive at what kind of challenges compaction films face and how shrink tape can help mitigate them…

Hi-Shrink Tape

Generate compaction during cure without a vacuum bag or an autoclave Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tape is specifically engineered to apply pressure when you need it most...during the cure cycle. Unlike most tapes that actually relax in the oven, we use a customizable shrink force curve that allows you to dial in the amount of pressure your part requires for cures up to 400°C. Simply wrap, cure and remove for a high-quality part with a resin-rich surface finish.

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Hi-Shrink FEP Tubing

Treat bladders and tooling faster, reduce foreign object debris & get better release. Dunstone's Hi-Shrink FEP tubing is an optimal solution for a variety of tooling treatments. With a thinner wall and capability to produce larger sizes and longer continuous lengths than the competition, customers choose our heat shrinkable FEP when they need a high-performance release layer that is fast, easy and effective.

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Get a Free Sample

Find out more about our heat shrink tape & FEP tubing. Ask about our services, tell us about your project details or request a sample and we will contact you to discuss the best options for your application.

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Non-Shrink Tubing

We provide custom laminates, extrusions, preforms and disposable vessels for a variety of applications. We have the ability to make spiral wound tubes from most any film, paper, or laminate. We also manufacture linear seam tubing from Fluoropolymers, polyester, PVC and others.

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Custom Converting

Here at Dunstone, we have an entire department focused on new product development. We work closely with customers on their specific needs and help to develop sustainable solutions that allow them to meet their goals. With a wide variety of capabilities including rotary die-cutting, laminating, seaming and assembling, no project is too big or too small.

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