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Here’s What’s Inside

Our guide to Hi-Shrink Tape is packed with product details, application recommendations, and more. Here’s just some of what you’ll get in the guide:

An explanation of why Hi-Shrink Tape is the answer to many of today’s composite manufacturing challenges

A breakdown of the many variables that influence the production and performance of Hi-Shrink Tape

A complete listing of Hi-Shrink Tape products, their performance capabilities, and naming conventions

A guide on how Hi-Shrink Tape can be further customized to meet the unique demands of your specific application

Why Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tape?

For decades, Dunstone has been innovating and engineering shrink tape and tubing solutions for multiple industries. Our products lead the way in multiple areas:

Temperature Range

Our tapes begin to shrink at 70°C and reach maximum shrink force in the 120°C to 160°C range. We also offer products with even higher temperature performance.

Curing Performance

Because our tapes shrink on a tailored curve, they never lose their compressive strength — ensuring proper part consolidation as temperatures rise.

Thin Yet Powerful

Unlike cellophane, nylon, or polypropylene, our polyester- and polyimide-based shrink tapes combine compressive strength with exceptional thinness down to 0.025 mm.

Material Cost Savings

Thanks to our tapes’ thin profile, you’re able to save on material costs while simultaneously enhancing the production quality and performance of your parts.

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