A PET Shrink Tubing Solution with Multiple Resistances

In addition to our FEP Hi-Shrink Tubing products, Dunstone is proud to offer a line of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) shrink tubing for a variety of applications. Designed with a much higher shrink percentage — up to 70% — to conform around various components, our PET shrink tubing can serve as a protective barrier or wear barrier for rigid materials as well as provide dielectric protection and address various needs in the medical industry. Our PET Hi-Shrink Tubing products are thin-walled with only a linear seam, enabling sizing flexibility and rapid shrink capabilities with just a heat gun or oven.

Learn more about our FEP Hi-Shrink Tubing below. Connect with our engineering team to discuss your application, or request a sample to evaluate in your production environment.

Product Overview

  • Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
  • WallThickness: .002–.125″
  • Lengths: 500–2,000 ft., continuous
  • Shrink Percentage: 70%
  • Custom sizes available upon request

Product Benefits

  • Can help protect components and surfaces
  • Serves as a wear-resistant barrier for high-rub spots
  • Extremely high shrink percentage of up to 70%
  • Low shrink initiation at only 60°C for easy application
  • Provides dielectric protection for applicable parts
  • Works well for some medical applications