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Material Solutions for Sporting Goods

material solutions for sporting goods

We Help Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Suppliers Win with Our Shrink Solutions

In the sporting goods industry, the performance of the products used means everything. Central to the success of those products are the materials used in their production and manufacturing. Shrink films are one of the most critical material solutions for sporting goods, as they ensure that composites and resin systems are precisely compressed — resulting in stronger parts that last longer and meet the high performance demands of athletes and enthusiasts.

At Dunstone, our Hi-Shrink Tapes and Hi-Shrink Tubes are used in multiple sporting goods sectors ranging from golf and automotive to archery and shooting. Our material solutions for sporting goods ensure that whether you’re sleeving tooling prior to layup or need an out-of-autoclave solution for wrapping parts, you’ll have the production support needed to produce a long-lasting composite product. Get in touch with us to discuss your application.

Example Applications That Rely on Hi-Shrink Tape

  • Arrow shafts
  • Rifle barrels
  • Golf club shafts
  • High-performance car drive shafts
  • And many more

Connect with Our Experts to Maximize the Performance of Your Next Sporting Goods Application

Ensure the integrity of your sporting goods product and the efficiency of your production processes with Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tape or Hi-Shrink Tubing. If you already know what you need, connect with our engineering team to discuss your product and learn which material solutions for sporting goods will be best for you. We also offer complimentary sample testing for any of our in-stock products to allow you to confirm your process.