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Vulcanized Rubber Tape

vulcanized rubber tape

Trust Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tape When the Heat is On

Historically, a variety of low-shrink compaction woven tapes have been used when vulcanizing rubber components. These include cotton strapping and nylon wrap tape. However, more effective materials are needed to help reduce costs and maximize the use of steam autoclaves. This is where a rubber vulcanized tape comes into play — and where the Hi-Shrink Tape solutions from Dunstone excel.

Dunstone is a leading developer and supplier of a full portfolio of Hi-Shrink Tape products designed to consolidate and compress rubber in high-temperature applications. In particular, our 100 Series and 200 Series lines of Hi-Shrink vulcanized rubber tape serve these applications well. And to ensure that the resulting part is void-free and has the proper surface finish, many of these tapes are available with release coatings. Contact our engineering team today to learn more about our Hi-Shrink Tape products and to discuss your application.

Applications for High-Shrink Vulcanized Rubber Tape

  • Fluid transfer hoses
  • Gas transport hoses
  • Siliconized rubber hoses
  • Rubber rollers and covers
  • Nitrile and PVC hoses
  • Automotive belts
  • Transfer printing
  • O-rings and gaskets

Hi-Shrink Tape Advantages

  • Thinner than competing materials, helping to reduce costs
  • Uses 70–80% less material than other options
  • More available than competing compaction solutions
  • No need for a steam autoclave but can be used with one
  • Tapes are not affected by steam or water
  • Helps to prevent oxidation of rubber
  • Easy to use and apply around rubber parts

Connect with Our Experts on Your Next Application

Our team is ready to work with you on your next vulcanized rubber application. If you know what kind of Hi-Shrink Tape would work best for your application, feel free to get in touch with us today to place an order. If you’d like to test our shrink tapes on your products prior to ordering, we’re happy to provide a complimentary sample. Just let us know some details of your application, and we’ll get a sample sent out right away.