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Dunstone Hi-Shrink Heat Shrink Tape

Flexible Heat Shrink Tapes Engineered for Multiple Applications

Dunstone is a global manufacturer of innovative heat shrink tape products. Our industry-leading Hi-Shrink Tapes apply compressive force to underlying parts as temperatures rise, such as during a curing process. The force from our Hi-Shrink Tape enables consolidation and lamination of multiple layers of material and resin — resulting in a more consistent surface finish, elimination of voids and gas, and improved part performance. Our heat shrink tape is an alternative to vacuum bagging or autoclaving, though it can be used with both methods.

Learn more about our heat shrink tape below. To request a sample, reach out to tell us about your application. If you already know what you’re looking for, get in touch with our team here.

Up to 165°C

100 Series Hi-Shrink Tape

Dunstone 100 Series Hi-Shrink Tape is our thinnest shrink tape offering designed for applications that don’t require significant shrink force.

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Up to 165°C

300 Series Hi-Shrink Tape

Dunstone 300 Series Hi-Shrink Tape provides greater compaction than other series due to increased thickness. Learn more and request a sample.

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Up to 165°C

500 Series Hi-Shrink Tape

Our Dunstone 500 Series Hi-Shrink Tape is our thickest tape offering, allowing you to maximize compressive force on your part. Learn more here.

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Up to 400°C

X Series Hi-Shrink Tape

Dunstone X Series high-temperature polyimide Hi-Shrink Tape is a flexible solution for applications with cure temperatures up to 400ºC.

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Learn More About Our Heat Shrink Tape in Our Guide

For decades, Dunstone has been at the forefront of innovation in heat shrink technology. In our free guide, you will get an inside overview of everything you need to know about Hi-Shrink Tape, including the science behind it, detailed product listings, performance capabilities, customization options, and recommendations for use.