Save Time and Money with Our Innovative FEP Shrink Tubing

Dunstone FEP Hi-Shrink Tubing was custom-developed for tooling applications in which the outer tool surface must be covered with a release film prior to composite part lay-up. Typically, large, uniform cross-sectional tools are taped by hand — a painstaking process that takes significant time and can lead to production quality challenges. With Dunstone FEP Hi-Shrink Tubing, you can reduce tool prep and part lay-up time by sleeving the tool — providing the release layer needed while cutting work and costs. Applying heat initiates the shrink process, resulting in a tight, uniform covering on the tool surface.

Learn more about our FEP Hi-Shrink Tubing below. Connect with our engineering team to discuss your application, or request a sample to evaluate in your production environment.

Product Overview

  • Material: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP), red only
  • Thickness: .002”–.010”
  • Diameter: 1.6”- 7.75”
  • Lengths: 50–2,000 ft., continuous
  • Shrink Percentage: 10% (diameter only), 0% in length
  • Custom sizes available upon request

Product Benefits

  • Easy shrink initiation by heat gun or oven that starts at 35°C
  • Ideal for tooling, bladder, or mandrel release
  • Unidirectional heat shrinkable tube for conformity to mandrels
  • Thinner tubing wall than competing products
  • Thinness helps eliminate bladder distortion when used over inflatable tooling
  • Lower shrink force on bladders improves expansion, reducing porosity inside of parts
  • Decreased foreign object debris vs. traditional film wrapping
  • Shrinks up to 66% faster when compared to competitors tubing
  • Helps reduce labor time in tool prep area
  • Available as custom made non-shrink preforms