Composite Airplane

Advanced Composites

Dunstone specializes in heat shrink technology, modifying thin films with the ability to shrink with the application of heat. Our Hi-Shrink Tapes and Tubing are designed to make the processing of Advanced Composite parts, faster, easier, and lower in cost.

Electrical Coil With Heat Shrink Tape

Electrical Coils

The compression force characteristics of Hi-Shrink Tape make it an effective and useful tool for consolidating and compacting resin rich or b-staged materials during cure. In addition, the tape can be used for compressing, debulking, shaping, forming and banding various materials.

Rubber Hose Made With Hi-Shrink tape

Vulcanized Rubber

Vulcanized Nitrile, PVC and Silicone rubber are common applications for our Hi-Shrink tape in a lower shrink percentage. The lower shrink percentage applies enough compaction during the vulcanizing or steam autoclave process without producing excess squeeze-out of the substrate and is easily removed thanks to our release coating.

Medical Testing Tube Liners

High Performance Disposable Vessels

High temperature and high pressure disposable vessels and liners for lab testing equipment. Our high performance vessels provide a durable solution for reducing cross contamination and eliminating vessel cleaning time.