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Our Innovative Shrink Solutions Help to Advance the Capabilities of Markets Worldwide

At Dunstone, our portfolio of Hi-Shrink Tapes, Hi-Shrink Tubing, and custom converting solutions are used by countless organizations around the world to make their manufacturing and production processes more efficient while maximizing the performance and longevity of their components. Thanks to our equipment and innovation, many of our solutions are among the most flexible, thin, and cost-effective — enabling our customers to achieve significant results while reducing their material investments.

Below are just some of the many markets we serve. Whether you’re looking to maximize the surface finish of a carbon fiber part with our Hi-Shrink Tape or reduce part layup and tool prep time with our Hi-Shrink Tubing, our engineers are available to assist you. We offer complimentary samples of many of our in-stock products and are available to help you formulate a custom solution for your application. Simply reach out to us to start the conversation.

Advanced Composites

From aerospace to defense applications, our products help consolidate composite materials to maximize curing cycles and increase part performance.

Material Solutions for Sporting Goods

Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tapes and Hi-Shrink Tubing have been put to effective use in the production of composite parts ranging from golf clubs to firearms.

Vulcanized Rubber Tape

Rubber is a core material for everything from gas and fluid transfer hoses to rubber rollers and more. Our products ensure reliable performance.