Hi-Shrink Tape

Hi-Shrink Tape is a tough, flexible, heat shrinkable polyester film. When wrapped around an object and heated, Hi-Shrink Tape has the unique ability to shrink and apply pressure to the surface of composite parts. This simple method of pressure application is used to advantage in many industries.

FEP orange shrink tubing.

Hi-Shrink FEP Tubing

Dunstone Hi-Shrink FEP Tubing is designed for tooling applications where the outer tool surface is required to be covered with release film prior to part lay-up.

Non-Shrink Tubing

Servicing a variety of applications, Dunstone manufactures spiral wound, linear seamed, laminated, preformed and extruded tubing. We have the ability to provide custom tubing either designed by us for your application or based off technical requirements set forth by your engineers.

Custom Designed Solutions

If you have a materials or process related struggle, let our highly experienced engineers work with you to create a perfect solution. We work with your budget and timeline to generate products not available off the shelf.