Explore Why This Might Be The Best Shrink Tape For Your Application

Are you looking for a Kapton shrink tape option but can’t find one that can tolerate high temperatures? High temperature Kapton tape might be right for you. This shrink tape option is made from polyimide and can tolerate higher temperatures than any other shrinkable tape on the market, making it ideal for many different applications, up to 400C.

High temperature Kapton tape applies external compressive force to consolidate thermoplastic and high temperature thermoset resin systems. This also produces end products without the need for vacuum bagging or autoclaving. High temperature Kapton shrink tape is often used for thermoplastic applications where compression is needed and where they will be exposed to extreme temperatures during the cure cycle

With so many heat shrink tape options on the market, it can be difficult to know what solution is best. So, how do you know if high temperature Kapton tape is right for your application? Explore the benefits and characteristics of this shrink tape.

It is the Highest Temperature Shrink Tape

While many other shrink tapes are only functional at lower temperatures, high temperature Kapton tapes have high mechanical usage and electrical usage temperatures. This tape is functional over a wide range of temperatures, providing you with shrinkage throughout the curing process so you receive the results you want.

Provides a Smooth Finish

As the high temperature Kapton tape shrinks, it applies compression forces to the underlying composites and/or resins. These compression forces eliminate voids in the product and give it a smooth finish. There are a few factors that affect the compression forces, including the number of tape layers and the taping tension used; regardless, you will be left with a smooth surface on your products.


Do you need high temperature shrink tape but need a custom compressive force or shrink percentage? Based on your application, these tapes can be customized to meet your needs. Both the size and the shrink percentage can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Additionally, the shrink force can be altered based on the way you wrap the composites. The number of layers and the taping tension used to wrap the composite will alter the compressive force. Learn more about what other factors contribute to compressive force here and see how to properly apply shrink tape in this video.

Can be Used on Various Thermoplastics

Many thermoplastic resin systems require pressures during the curing process, and high temperature Kapton tape can apply the proper compressive forces at the ideal temperatures. Some common thermoplastics that utilize Kapton tape include PEEK, PPS, and many others.

Dunstone is currently working on developing a high temperature release coating for our Kapton shrink tape. If you have used our 208X in the past and you had issues with the tape bonding to your part please reach out to our sales team to be apart of our trial.

Characteristics of Dunstone’s High Temperature Kapton Tape — X Series Hi-Shrink Tape

Our polyimide tape functions at higher temperatures than any other shrinkable tape on the market. It starts shrinking at relatively low temperatures and reaches its maximum shrink percentage at 350ºC and is mechanically functional up to 400ºC. Our skilled engineers can work with you to understand your application and customize the X Series Hi-Shrink Tape to meet your needs.

Partner with the High Temperature Kapton Tape Professionals

Are you looking for a partner that can supply you with high temperature Kapton tape and customize it to meet your needs? Dunstone is here to help. Our X Series Hi-Shrink Tape can function up to 400ºC and can be customized based on your application. We also offer various other heat shrink tape and tubing options to meet your needs.

Our engineering team will also work with you should you need a custom solution for your heat shrink and composites needs. We will take into consideration your application, its function, and other critical information so we can come up with the best solution for you.

Contact us today to see which product is best for your needs or to get a complimentary sample today.