Dunstone will be attending the SAMPE Materials Expo in Charleston, SC on Thursday October 24th. 2019 with our latest development. We have had several customers request large diameter, shrinkable release tubing and working with our engineers and customers we have come up with an expanded size range for our extremely popular .002″ thick wall shrinkable FEP tubing.

As of the writing of this article, we are able to produce tubes up to 500mm lay flat or approximately 12″ in diameter in continuous lengths in excess of 1000′. Thanks to the design of our linear seam tubing machines we are able to accomplish what most tubing extruders cannot. The potential applications for such a tube are diverse but the majority of our customers are using our thin wall FEP tubes as mandrel, tooling and bladder covers as opposed to traditional methods of roll wrapping and taping release films.

Our shrinkable FEP tubes are easy to slip over your tool. You can use a heat gun or oven to shrink them down to a snug, smooth fit and then layup your part. Given that our tube is about half the thickness as others on the market it can be a more cost effective one time use solution as well.

A Proud SAMPE Member

Dunstone has been a proud member of the SAMPE organization for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on engaging in conversations centered around the advancement of materials, processes and innovation in the composites industry. Furthermore we are proud to support our local SAMPE chapter, SAMPE of the Carolinas. We will have a tabletop at the Materials Expo this year so be sure to schedule a time to see us at this SAMPE 2019 EXPO in Charlotte or the next.

We look forward to seeing friends, customers and vendors this week!