Hi-Shrink Tape is used across a wide range of applications — and may be the ideal material to consider using for your next project. They are the best way to compress composite materials, prepregs, and wet layups to create products that perform well immediately, and long after the curing.

It is made from materials like polyester or polyimide, both of which are temperature-sensitive and suit applications with composites. When heated, heat shrink tape compresses underlying components to aid in the lamination or curing process.

The Hi-Shrink Tape you choose will depend on the compression needed and the thickness of the tape related to the size and thickness of your composite. Whether the application produces gas or requires a release coating will also help you determine option works for you. Because Dunstone’s Hi-Shrink Tape is entirely adhesive-free, once lamination is achieved, the tape can be easily removed with no residue left behind.

Step By Step Instructions for Selecting and Using Heat Shrink Tape

  1. The first step is to identify the right type of Hi-Shrink Tape for your application. Basic applications won’t need shrink tape with significantly high compressive force or shrink percentages, whereas others might.
  2. Determine whether you need a release coating. Depending on your resin system, you may need a release-coated Hi-Shrink Tape that allows the tape to be easily removed from the part post-cure.
  3. Find the right taping tension for your application, otherwise known as how tightly you wrap Hi-Shrink tape around your product. Typically, those who are hand-wrapping shrink tape use between five to eight pounds of force.
  4. Be consistent with your tension as you overlap the tape. Some applications only need 25% overlap, but others can benefit from higher overlap at 50% or 75%.
  5. Secure the tape to the part prior to curing. Hi-Shrink Tapes don’t use an adhesive on either side, so they can be secured at either end with regular adhesive tape.

Have questions about using using heat shrink tape? Don’t hestitate to reach out to our team, we are here to help support your application needs.

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