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Heat shrinkable tape that applies compressive force to the underlying part.

When wrapped around a part, our heat shrink tape is designed to constrict and squeeze the underlying structure as heat is applied, typically during a curing process. The compressive force generated by the shrinking of the tape is enough to consolidate or laminate multiple layers of material. Shrink tape is used as an alternative to vacuum bagging or autoclaving parts, though it can be used in conjunction with both methods. Shrink tape is available in release coated(R) and non-release coated versions(S). For applications such as:

  • Carbon Fiber Tube Manufacturing
  • Electrical Coil Manufacturing
  • Rubber Hose or Cylinder Manufacturing



  • Materials: Polyester (Mylar), ETFE, Polyimide (Kapton)
  • Thickness: 0.001" - 0.005"
  • Adhesive: No Adhesive
  • Release Coating: With or Without, Single Sided or Double Sided
  • Shrink Percentage: 5% - 20%
  • Available Dimensions: Rolls up to 20" wide x 1200 yards long

  100 Series

Thermostat icon. Up to 165°C


Product Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force @150C
106S 0.001 in (0.025 mm) 6% 2.54
106R 0.001 in (0.025 mm) 6% 2.48
112S 0.001 in (0.025 mm) 12% 2.95
112R 0.001 in (0.025 mm) 12% 2.88
120S 0.001 in (0.025 mm) 20% 4.33
1412RR 0.0014 in (0.035 mm) 12% 4.83
1420S 0.0014 in (0.035 mm) 20% 7.57

  200 Series

Thermostat icon. Up to 165°C


Product Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force @150C
205S 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 5% 2.71
205R 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 5% 2.76
210S 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 10% 5.30
210R 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 10% 5.17
212S 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 12% 5.49
212R 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 12% 5.64
220S 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 20% 8.80
220R 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 20% 8.59

  300 Series

Thermostat icon. Up to 165°C


Product Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force @150C
312R 0.003 in (0.075 mm) 12% 10.07
320S 0.003 in (0.075 mm) 20% 13.00
320R 0.003 in (0.075 mm) 20% 12.38

  500 Series

Thermostat icon. Up to 165°C


  500 Series Shrink Tapes

Product Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force @150C
520S 0.005 in (0.125 mm) 20% 21.64
515R 0.005 in (0.125 mm) 15% 20.45

  HT Series

Thermostat icon. Up to 180°C


Product Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force @150C
212HT 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 12% 1.65

  X Series

Thermostat icon. Up to 400°C


Product Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force @150C
208X 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 8% 8.9

What's the difference?

Some non-shrinking films, such as cellophane, nylon, or polypropylene (OPP), are commonly used to overwrap composite parts to provide compression during cure. They are wrapped, under high tension before the component enters the curing oven. However, these films will relax as the temperature of the cure cycle increases, at the same time that the resin in the composite part begins to drop in viscosity and flow.

Unfortunately, this characteristic is less than optimal when your application demands quality lamination and a void-free cure. This factor is just one reason Hi-Shrink tape users use, on average, 50-75% less material than other compaction films.

Dunstone's heat-shrinkable tapes will begin to shrink at 70°C and reach maximum shrink force in the 120°C to 160°C range. Therefore, our Hi-shrink films will apply the optimum amount of compressive strength right when you need it, as your resin begins to flow. This tailored compression curve allows for additional ply compaction, elimination of air voids in the part walls, and produces a clean, resin-rich surface finish.

Dunstone's Hi-Shrink Tapes are tailored to suit applications with temperature requirements up to 165°C with our polyester (mylar) films, up to 180°C with our ETFE films, and up to 400°C with our polyimide (Kapton) shrink tapes.

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Markets Served

Advanced Composites

High Shrink tape works perfectly as an alternative for vacuum bag and autoclave operations where high throughput and cost savings are paramount. Ideal for constant cross sections and semi-circular tubes.

Tedlar replacement coils

Electrical Coils

Electrical coil manufacturers the world over choose Dunstone's heat shrink polyester, ETFE and polyimide (depending on the requirements) to aid in the consolidation process of coils and as a sacrifice and insulation film for hot press applications.

Vulcanized Rubber

For vulcanized nitrile, PVC, silicone, NMBR and many other rubber compounds, compression during cure is essential. Our low shrink, release coated films provide excellent compaction, improved yield and require less material than other products commonly used.