Streamline Laboratory Operations with Disposable FEP Test Tube Lineres

For laboratories that have thousands of samples to process daily, it can be extremely expensive — and time consuming — to have technicians clean test tubes and beakers, and encounter inevitable testing failures due to contamination. With the disposable FEP test tube liners from Dunstone, laboratories can now reduce test failure rates from 10-15% down to less than 1%. For labs, this ultimately results in massive savings in time, money, and rework of precious samples that cannot always be duplicated.

Dunstone Designed Test Tube Liners

Our FEP test tube liners were initially designed for a customer looking for support in protein/acid digestion sample processing for packaged food manufacturing plants. As a result, we have designed a product that can help laboratories across the United States reduce test tube cleaning time, and increase throughput in high volume labs. Your technicians can count on our liners to be chemical resistant and compatible with high temperatures.

Application-wise, technicians simply place a liner inside their test tube, add their sample, and process as usual. Once they are done processing their sample, the liner can be removed and discard.

Disposable FEP test tube liners now have a myriad of application uses — from food testing to medical testing, forensic testing, geological testing, and more. If you are curious about using it for your application, you can always connect with our team with any questions and request a sample.

Custom Create Test Tube Liners with Dunstone Today

As of now, our test tube liners have a standard diameter of ~.75″ OD, and varying lengths depending on the volume required, which typically falls between 25ml to 110ml. If these do not match your requirements, please contact us with the dimensions and we would be happy to make adjustments.

To streamline your laboratory operations and testing, order FEP test tube liners with Dunstone today.