A Year of Growth in Composites

2017 Recorded a Year of Growth for the Composites Industry and Dunstone Took Notice.


We look forward to 2018, poised for adaptation, as new technologies emerge, demand increases and new products are developed. We have been in this industry for almost six decades and have had a front row seat to the innovation and adoption in the composites world, from the onset. With composite process becoming highly automated, we look forward to the increased production possibilites. Dunstone's main business for the past 60 years has been compaction films, but with the development of FEP Hi-Shrink release tubing, some half decade ago, adopted by the worlds largest aircraft manufactures and a number of other applications including mandrel release for flexible hose products and rubberized print rollers, we look to expand our profencies and develop sound products to fill the voids in the ever evolving industry of composites.


See the article below from Composites World:

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