High Temperature Heat Shrink Tape Polyimide


H-SHRINK POLYIMIDE 208X is a heat shrinkable polyimide tape possessing much higher temperature capabilities than any other shrinkable tape on the market today. HI-SHRINK Polyimide is often used as a high temperature electrical insulation material, as well as a processing aid where compressive force is needed at cure temperatures above 170°C.

HI-SHRINK POLYIMIDE is a modified polyimide that shrinks in the MD, or machine direction, when heated. The tape will begin to shrink at approximately 70°C, and will reach its maximum shrink percentage at 350°C.

Dunstone HI-SHRINK POLYIMIDE can also be supplied in perforated form, with punched holes on 1/4" (6mm) staggered centers.

208X tape is frequently used in consolidation of high voltage coils to achieve a smooth, consistent surface finish on the coil, and is usually not removed.

In advanced composite applications, Hi-Shrink Polyimide 208X is useful when curing thermoplastics such as PEEK and PPS resin systems. The tape provides compaction and release at temperatures up to 750°F (400°C).


  • Thicknesses .002"
  • Max Shrink percentage 12%
  • Shrink Percentage at 150°C 8%
  • Shrink Percentage at 350°C 12%
  • Starts to shrink @ 158°F (70°C)
  • Standard Slit widths (0.5" up to 2.5"). Custom widths, both narrow & wide web available upon request
  • Mechanical Usage Temperatures up to 400°C
  • Electrical Usage Temperatures up to 220°C
  • Available Perforated


  • Highest temperature shrinkable film available
  • Can function as both mechanical compressive layer and di-electric insulation.
  • Enables multiple methods for adjusting compressive force on the part
  • Helps provide smooth corner radii in HV hot pressed coils

HI-SHRINK POLYIMIDE TAPE starts shrinking around 70°C and has been used in applications up to 400°C. If left unrestrained, Polyimide HI-SHRINK TAPE will shrink 8% after 15 minutes at 150°C. Dunstone can adjust the film thickness and shrink percentage to customize a tape to your specific application.

Thermostat icon. Up to 400°C


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Product Release Coated Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force Max Taping Tension
208X No 0.002 in (0.050 mm) 12% 8.9 50.4

Shrink force vs temperature graph

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