About High Temperature Polyimide Tape

When your consolidation application requires a high temperature solution, there’s no better answer than polyimide tape. Whereas many other shrink tapes peak at temperatures in the mid- to upper-300ºF (160–180ºC) ranges, high temperature polyimide tape is capable of providing strong shrink force at higher ranges:

  • Electrical applications — up to 428ºF (220ºC)
  • Mechanical applications — up to 752ºF (400ºC)
  • Regardless of application, shrink begins at 158ºF (70ºC)

Why Temperature Matters with Polyimide Shrink Tape

This broad range for curing temperatures makes high temperature polyimide tape extremely flexible depending on your application, which is important for a couple of reasons that will impact part appearance and performance:

  1. Shrink Percentage — There are a number of other factors that influence shrink performance overall, but temperature is a leading contributor. If you want to control the maximum shrink percentage to your composite part, temperature must be a consideration. Lower curing temperatures will keep the shrink percentage around 8%, whereas higher curing temperatures will result in a higher percentage around 12%.
  2. Shrink Force — Another consideration is the amount of shrink force applied to the composite part. Shrink force is measured in ft-pounds per inch width. With higher curing temperatures, the shrink force of polyimide tape increases — up to 8.9 lb. in the case of our X Series polyimide tape. By focusing on the curing temperature of your part, you’ll be able to customize shrink force and maximum shrink to best suit your application. At Dunstone, we offer a variety of shrink tape solutions with varying levels of force to best meet your application requirements.

Additional Reasons to Consider Using High Temperature Polyimide Tape in Your Application

  • Thickness — At only .002” in thickness, our X Series Hi-Shrink Polyimide Tape is one of the thinnest high temperature materials available on the market. While .002” falls right in line with our other “Swiss Army knife” tapes, it still remains one of thinnest options — allowing you to achieve the performance and results you want without having to buy more material.
  • Functionality — While our high temperature polyimide tape is designed to provide compaction, the tape itself can serve other distinct purposes. For example, it can be used as a mechanical compressive layer as well as dielectric insulation for electrical applications. So whether you’re using it to compress a very high tolerance part or if you’re working with electrical coils, polyimide tape will work for you.
  • Adjustability — At Dunstone, we offer in-stock solutions but specialize in customizing your high temperature polyimide tape to your unique application. If you need a certain size, or if you need to modify the shrink percentage, our team is ready to work with you to create the most ideal shrink tape solution for you. Simply get in touch with our engineering team to discuss your application and learn what we can do for you.

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Work with the Polyimide Tape Experts

Dunstone has been developing the industry’s best shrink tape and tubing products for multiple industries for decades. We are committed to helping you create a truly effective shrink tape solution. With many applications requiring high curing temperatures, we designed our X Series polyimide tapes to function consistently when you need them — delivering superior surface finish, part consolidation, and reliable long-term part performance.

We offer complimentary sample testing to help you learn whether our high temperature polyimide tape is right for you. Simply reach out to us and describe your application. We’ll recommend a readily available solution that you can try in your production environment. Whether the material meets your needs or requires additional modification, our team will be ready to get to work customizing your tape and serving as your supplier of choice for years to come.

Connect with us today to learn more about polyimide tape and to get started.