Is Your Rubber Vulcanization Process Producing the Desired Results?

Rubber components play a critical role in multiple markets. One good example is rubber rollers, which are used in paper and steel mills, carpet manufacturing, and many other applications. To ensure high-quality results, the rubber used on the rollers must be vulcanized — a process in which the rubber is heated and mixed with sulfur to help its molecules form stronger, more resilient cross-links. This process also helps ensure that the rollers will perform well despite being a wear item, meaning that they need to be replaced.

Traditionally, a variety of low-shrink compaction films have been used when curing rubber components. These include cotton strapping, nylon wrap tape, and polypropylene. However, in some of the industries mentioned above, higher curing temperatures or greater compaction force are needed to ensure the rubber roller or other component will deliver the desired performance in its respective application. In these instances, a rubber vulcanizing tape is necessary.

Dunstone is a leading developer and supplier of a full portfolio of Hi-Shrink Tape products designed for exactly this purpose. In particular, our 100 and 200 lines of rubber vulcanizing tape serve the applications mentioned here extremely well and come in both standard and release-coated versions. But exactly why are our rubber vulcanizing tape solutions the ideal choice? Here, we’ll explore a few key advantages that our Hi-Shrink Tapes provide when you’re looking to cure rubber rollers, tubes, covers, and related products.

Resistance to Steam

Steam plays a part in many rubber curing applications due to its high temperature. If your application involves steam — particularly with an autoclave — but you need to apply compaction, our Hi-Shrink Tapes are the ideal solution. Unlike other compaction films, our tapes are designed to apply compressive force on a tailored curve that maintains an appropriate amount of compaction as the curing temperature increases. Other films cannot withstand the high temperatures or the use of steam, leading to failures and/or unwanted results such as poor lamination, voids, and surface defects.

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Less Material Usage

A key advantage of Dunstone’s Hi-Shrink Tapes is that far less material is required when compared to other compaction films and tapes. This is because our rubber vulcanizing tapes are specifically formulated to apply greater compaction force while only measuring anywhere from 0.001 inches (for the 100 Series) to 0.002 inches (for the 200 Series). As a result, fewer layers are needed, the tape can be overlapped for even more compressive force, and widths and lengths are customizable to ensure you have all the material you need for your respective application. With other films, you might need a significant amount to receive the same level of compaction.

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Speed and Ease of Use

Closely related to the above is the fact that our rubber vulcanizing tapes are far easier to use than other materials. Because they come on easy-to-handle rolls, they make hand-taping significantly more efficient. The applicator simply needs to start the first loop then apply the tape evenly and according to the desired compaction requirements along the length of the product at hand. No adhesive is necessary. Our Hi-Shrink Tapes are also available for use on traverse winding mechanisms — making application even faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

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High Availability

Last but not least is the fact that all rubber vulcanizing tapes at Dunstone are readily available now. It’s no secret that many suppliers are having difficulty keeping up with production demands or have been running into supply chain issues. At Dunstone, our hi-Shrink Tapes are in stock and ready to ship — giving you the compaction solution you need for your next project requiring material compaction and consolidation. Customization is possible on many of them as well.

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Improve Product Quality with Our Vulcanizing Rubber Tape

At Dunstone, our team is constantly developing new solutions to make our clients’ curing processes as efficient as possible — and their end products as high-quality as possible. So if you’re looking to make your rubber components stronger, more resilient, more resistant to chemicals and harsh conditions, and more appealing in their design and functionality, our team is here to assist.

Learn more about our rubber vulcanization capabilities here, and connect with us today to request a sample of our Hi-Shrink Tapes for your next production push.