Unsure Where to Buy Heat Shrink Tape Among Supply Chain Slow Downs? Dunstone Has You Covered

Our team at Dunstone is pleased to announce a second source for our polyester film, a key material used in our heat shrink tapes. We have extensively researched potential suppliers and opportunities in the past few months to better meet customer demand and streamline our supply chain.

We have found this second source’s product to meet or exceed our requirements and match very closely to our current and primary supplier, which can be viewed in our shrink force comparison data. We intend to approve this secondary supplier and source only about 20% of our total demand from them.

This change will be put into effect on Monday, June 15, 2020. Shipments after that date will be made from raw material supply from either or both of our approved suppliers. We feel it is important to have a second source, not just with lab approval, but one who has demonstrated that they can be a dependable business supplier with successful field experience. This change will help to shore up our raw material supply chain and provide Dunstone added flexibility in addition to overall shorter lead times from our suppliers.

To request samples, feel free to reconnect with your service contact — or connect with our team here.