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Key Benefits of PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve Solutions

Key Benefits of PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve Solutions

Protect Products and Materials with Customizable PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve Tubing

A variety of commercial and industrial parts and products today require sleeving in order to protect them as they move throughout a supply chain and when they are put to use by the customer. But with manufacturers still struggling to find the right talent and the ongoing supply chain issues causing production delays, companies are looking to use materials that allow them to do more with less. One of the best materials for this goal is PVC heat shrink sleeve tubing.

Are your parts and products covered? Explore PVC heat shrink tubing solutions now.

Application Examples for PVC Heat Shrink Sleeves

  • Part and Product Packaging — for sleeving and protecting products that might be exposed to the elements or experience higher levels of wear in transit or during use
  • Permanent Sleeving — for bundling wiring and cabling for consolidation or organization purposes, providing color coding, and other similar uses
  • Strengthening Dielectric Performance — PVC heat shrink sleeve tubing is great for applications in which electrical current must be prevented from passing between materials, such as batteries and cabling
  • Resisting Chemicals — along with FEP shrink sleeves, PVC heat shrink sleeves are great for providing chemical resistance to prevent corrosion or other unwanted effects
  • Resisting UV Light Damage — PVC shrink sleeves provide protection for any applications where the sleeved part or material may be exposed to sunlight, which can result in spoilage, color issues,

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Why Use Dunstone for Your PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve Needs?

Dunstone manufactures a full line of Hi-Shrink Sleeves, including PET and FEP in addition to our PVC heat shrink sleeve tubing. While we offer ready-to-ship PVC shrink sleeves, our team prioritizes customizing each product to ensure it will deliver the ideal performance for your unique application. Simply reach out to us to discuss your application, and our engineering team will prepare a solution with the right shrink percentage, length, and thickness needed.

Key Benefits of Our PVC Hi-Shrink Sleeves

High Shrink — Our PVC heat shrink sleeve products shrink up to 70% in diameter, which allows for a tighter fit around the underlying part or material. This allows for greater conformity around the part, creating a more aesthetic look while also reducing the amount of space between the shrunk tubing and part in sharper or more geometric areas.

Ease of Use — While production teams can use curing ovens to initiate the shrink process, our PVC heat shrink sleeve tubing can also be rapidly shrunk using just a heat gun. This means your production team can process more parts faster, increasing overall productivity and reducing the time needed to properly sleeve products.

Size Flexibility — Our Hi-Shrink Tubing is thin-walled and linear-seamed to allow for flexibility in sizing. Tubing is produced according to the application and shrink percentage, typically from ​​.002” to .010”. Custom sizing is available starting at 64 mm layflat. Learn more about layflat tubing here.

Customization — Our PVC shrink tubing can be produced on spools of continuous lengths greater than 2,000 feet. This means you can more easily sleeve products according to their length without having to deal with seams — simply cut the length needed and get shrinking!

Affordability — Unlike other solutions, our PVC shrink tubing is extremely affordable. This allows you to get the ideal performance and protection needed for your product while keeping your investment in materials lower.

Ready to Put PVC to Work for Stronger Products and Performance?

Our team is ready to assist. Reach out to us whenever you’re set, and we’ll prepare a quote. Our team has been proudly producing shrink tapes and tubing for decades, and we’re ready to put that expertise to work for your application.

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