Since 1958, Dunstone has pushed innovation and potential both internally and with our customers. We have grown leaps and bounds by listening to the needs of our users, and this summer it was clear we needed to take the next step to expand as a leading shrink tape manufacturer.

With our continued growth the past 29 years, our facility was getting cramped and had little room for new equipment. As a result, we acquired a new 15,000 square foot facility and moved in the first week of July, and have been running smoothly since.

heat shrink manufacturers
heat shrink manufacturers
heat shrink manufacturers

New Facility Expansion Brings New Opportunties

This expansion opened a lot of doors for us both from a production standpoint as well as a product development perspective. While of our customers know us for our Hi-Shrink tape, which has been a staple in the composite tubing industry for decades, we have many new products in the works.

Dunstone’s Hi-Shrink FEP Tubing

In 2012, we introduced a shrinkable fluoropolymer tubing specifically used to automate mandrel and bladder treatment for a new customer. We offer long continuous lengths of a very thin, shrinkable release film that makes tool prep a breeze. We now have many users of our Hi-Shrink FEP and have built 3 machines to help us accommodate those customers with short lead times, and high-quality material.

Dunstone’s FEP Test Tube Liners

Then, in 2016 we started development on multiple other new products including our disposable fluoropolymer liners for a customer in the food and drug testing field that also use our 208X to consolidate high pressure vessels. We added 4 new machines to accommodate this work as well as several pieces of testing and inspection equipment. We brought on a dedicated engineer to aid in the development of new products and the associated machines as well as maintain our lab to ensure all our customer’s expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Dunstone’s Future Beyond Being the Leading Heat Shrink Manufacturer

We are constantly working on new projects and custom solutions for our customers and this new facility gives us room to grow, add capabilities and push the envelope of what is possible. Dunstone has its roots in engineering and thanks to our current ownership group, we can continue focusing on excellence in manufacturing for the composite industry, high-voltage electric industry, automotive industry and energy markets as well as all the other applications our customers find for our products.

To learn more about our shrink tape, FEP tubing, liners, and other solutions, contact our team today.