A Year of Growth for the Composites Industry — How Dunstone Took Notice

As Dunstone looks forward to 2018, we are poised for adaptation as new technologies emerge, demand increases, and new needs arise. We have been in this industry for almost six decades and have had a front row seat to the innovation and adoption in the composites world from the onset with new composite tubing solutions.

With the composite process becoming highly automated, we look forward to the increased production possibilities and supporting customer automation needs. While Dunstone’s main business for the past 60 years has been compaction films, with the development of FEP Hi-Shrink release tubing, we look forward to expanding our proficiencies. Our next mission will be to continue to develop sound products that fill the void in the ever evolving industry of composites. Our newest tubing products have already been readily adopted by the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, and across a number of other applications including mandrel release for flexible hose products and rubberized print rollers.

Be sure to stay tuned into the developments our team will have in the years ahead. Feel free to connect with our team about our shrink tape — or to learn more about our latest Hi-Shrink release tubing.