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6 Reasons to Use Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tape

6 Reasons to Use Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tape

Industries from automotive and aerospace to energy and beyond are all experiencing a seemingly continuous stage of change.

Demand is shifting — for better and for worse — on a near monthly basis. As a result, companies large and small are looking for new ways to streamline production. If you’re exploring solutions to help you meet demand and improve production processes and part quality, a flexible shrink tape is worth considering.

Composite manufacturers across automotive, aerospace, energy, sporting goods, and many other sectors have been experiencing their fair share of change. Materials they once relied on, such as woven nylon, are now in short supply. New resin systems have also added complexity into the mix creating incompatibilities that previously were not there. Whether you share these experiences or your challenges are uniquely yours, flexible shrink tape can help — here’s how.

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How Flexible Shrink Tape Solves Production Challenges

  1. It helps to set the stage for overall success — Ensuring that your composite product is well-made is critical, not only for customer satisfaction but also for its long-term performance. With flexible shrink tape, you set the product up for a seamless curing process that results in better long-term performance.
  2. It’s more available than other compression materials — Composite manufacturers are reporting that many of their previously used materials aren’t available and that regular suppliers can’t meet their needs. While this is part of larger macroeconomic issues, you still need to keep up with customers’ demand. At Dunstone, a number of popular flexible shrink tape options are in stock now. Customization is also possible with minimal impact on lead times. Get in touch now to learn about the Hi-Shrink Tapes we have available.
  3. It enables more precise application and results — Actually using a compression tape or film isn’t one-size-fits-all. Different composites, shapes, and performance goals require distinct application processes. For example, a tapering pole-shaped part will need slightly variable overwrapping and tension along its length, whereas a more standard-shaped part will simply need one consistent overwrap and tension. With flexible shrink tape, you can achieve virtually any combination of the application techniques used. Learn more about wrapping considerations here.
  4. It supports automation processes and needs — With labor still in short supply, many manufacturers are turning to automation to keep up with production. Flexible shrink tape can be used with a variety of automation equipment, such as traverse winding systems. All you need to do is order the Hi-Shrink Tape that supports your unique application on a laterally wound core as opposed to a standard flat pack core. Learn more about using heat shrink tape with automation equipment.
  5. It helps eliminate unwanted effects and outcomes — Foreign object debris (FOD), gasses, vapor, and moisture that isn’t allowed to escape during the curing process can lead to significant part defects and performance issues. Examples include voids within the composite layers and holes in the surface finish. The overall part can have an inconsistent shape after curing as well. By using a flexible shrink tape with perforations, these volatiles are allowed to escape during curing — ensuring a better produced part that lasts significantly longer and meets customer expectations. Learn more about perforated shrink tape here.
  6. It helps reduce production-related costs — Last but not least, you can reduce your production costs by using flexible heat shrink tape. Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tape in particular is the thinnest Hi-Shrink Force shrink tape available, and yet it produces the best compression results when compared with non-shrinking films like polypropylene and cellophane. Our shrink tapes can be as thin as 0.001 in (0.025 mm) and yet still produce significant compaction. Additionally, our tapes are customizable in terms of length, width, core diameter, and more. With these benefits, you don’t have to use more costly (and again, likely less available) options that eat into your margins. Explore our full line of Hi-Shrink Tapes here.

Experience the Difference Firsthand

If you’ve been looking for more effective compression film solutions, Hi-Shrink Tape from Dunstone is the way to go. We hope the information shared here is useful, but you can experience our tapes for yourself before deciding to make the switch.

Simply reach out, let us know some details about your application, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a complimentary sample of our readily available shrink tape. If the tape works well for your application (and we’re confident it will), you can place a larger order or discuss further customizing the tape with our expert engineers.

Reach out now to request a sample or to place an order.