Company makes epoxy/glass utility poles through a filament winding process.


Company was not using a film to overwrap the large diameter composite pole sections prior to oven cure cycle. The resulting surface finish was rough, filled with air voids, and inconsistent from part to part. A smooth surface finish is desirable both for aesthetic reasons and to decrease the build-up of dirt and debris over time on part surface.

Dunstone Solution

Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tape 210S (.002” thick, 10% shrink)


Use of 2” wide Hi-Shrink 210S tape allows the customer achieve a good surface finish without having to sand or gel coat the outer surface of the poles.  The 210S tape is spiral wound on the part prior to the oven cure. The part is not rotated during the cure cycle, so the Hi-Shrink Tape helps prevent resin pooling on the bottom of the part.