Spiral Wound & Linear Seam Tubing

With a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities, Dunstone has been manufacturing non-shrink tubing, insulation sleeves, covers, laminates and preforms for a variety of applications.

Everything from battery sleeves and slot liners to insulation and complex laminates, to high temperature disposable vessels and fluoropolymer inflatable preforms.

Our team of engineers can take your specific needs and create custom non-shrink tubing and laminates to exactly meet your specifications.  We have the capability and expertise to make multi-layer laminate tubing for most any application. We have experience working in the Electronic and Automotive industries as well as the energy and composite industries creating bespoke products superior to off the shelf solutions.

We work directly with you or your engineering group to provide sustainable solutions in line with the budget of each project. Contact us for more information and to setup an engineering overview if you simply can't find exactly what you need to solve your application issues.


Examples of Non-Shrink Tubing, Laminates and Preforms

- Fluoropolymer Internal Vacuum Bags

- Slot Liners for EV Motors

- Thermal Barriers for Cooling Channels


- High Temperature, Disposable Vessels

- Battery Sleeves

- Printed Covers/Sleeves


- Glass Laminate Thermal Insulation

- Custom Multi Layer Laminates

- Adhesive Backed Polymers


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