FEP Shrink Tubing

  • Tooling and Bladder Release
  • Dielectric Protection
  • Chemical Resistance
  • High-temperature Up to 250°C


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PVC Shrink Tubing

  • Wear-Resistant Cover
  • High Shrink Over 35%
  • Packaging or Sleeves
  • Inexpensive


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PET Shrink Tubing

  • Protective Barrier
  • Dielectric protection
  • High Shrink Up to 70%
  • Low shrink initiation at 60°C


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FEP, PET & PVC Shrink Tubing

Shrink Tubing Designed for Flexibility in a Variety of Applications.

Our Hi-Shrink FEP is generally used in the aerospace composites industry as a release layer. Shrinkable fluoropolymer tubing is a perfect solution for carbon fiber or fiberglass layups on an inflatable bladder or SMART tooling. FEP shrink tubing has excellent release properties and is capable of withstanding cure temperatures up to 256°C.

Due to fluorinated ethylene propylene's chemical makeup, it is also an excellent dielectric barrier and chemical barrier. the shrinkable nature of the films provide a snug fit to the underlying structure and provides for easy application, use, and maintenance. This makes it an excellent solution for battery applications and cooling channels in electronic components among others.

Dunstone's Hi-Shrink PET & PVC are extremely high shrink (up to 70% in the diameter) thin wall plastic tubes that are linear seamed to provide flexibility in sizing. These tubes have a wide variety of applications including battery sleeves, wearable covers for components, and dielectric barriers for many manufacturing processes. These tubes shrink incredibly fast with just a heat gun or an oven and can be provided on spools of continuous lengths greater than 2000 feet.

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Markets Served

Advanced Composites

High Shrink tape works perfectly as an alternative for vacuum bag and autoclave operations where high throughput and cost savings are paramount. Ideal for constant cross sections and semi-circular tubes.

Tedlar replacement coils

Electrical Coils

Electrical coil manufacturers the world over choose Dunstone's heat shrink polyester, ETFE and polyimide (depending on the requirements) to aid in the consolidation process of coils and as a sacrifice and insulation film for hot press applications.

Vulcanized Rubber

For vulcanized nitrile, PVC, silicone, NMBR and many other rubber compounds, compression during cure is essential. Our low shrink, release coated films provide excellent compaction, improved yield and require less material than other products commonly used.