Custom Solutions, Converting and Design

Since 1956, Dunstone has used our experience to create custom converting solutions for all kinds of process materials related problems. Until now, this has been a little-known service we offer—but with the growing popularity of this service, we now offer this to a wider variety of customers.

Our long-time customers have come to know Dunstone as problem solvers above all else. Our efforts to provide quality custom converting solutions from our main offerings and excellent customer service have cemented us as a premier solution provider for composite applications, high voltage electrical applications, fluid and gas transport as well as a variety of energy-based applications. We use proven engineering practices to dive into your specific needs and budget to develop a bespoke solution capable of fitting seamlessly into your process.


The Pain:

Tell us about your specific challenge, your goals and previous attempts to solve the problem. We offer free engineering overviews of your material or process challenges with one of our product development experts as well as one of our highly trained engineers.

The Process:

Once we know what the challenge is, we take a deeper look at what it would take to solve the problem. We take great care in exploring options that are both feasible from a practical standpoint as well as a budgetary standpoint. It is of little use to have a perfect solution to a problem if it isn't feasible due to financial limitations. Once we have a reasonable solution or set of solutions, we set out determining the best manufacturing practices to provide the customer with exactly what they were hoping for. 

The Solution:

There are no challenges too big to tackle. We have worked on massive projects with large budgets as well as smaller projects for niche problems. Our job is to get you up and running with an elegant custom converting solution that not only meets your needs but exceeds them. We have an enormous amount of capabilities between our three facilities but more importantly, we have seen it and heard it all. Give us a call, and tell us what challenges you are up against in your manufacturing process. We’ll find the perfect custom solution for you.

Have a Project?

Tell us about your application. Through and through, we are problem solvers. Let us work for you!

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