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Hi-Shrink FEP Tubing is designed for tooling applications where the outer tool surface is required to be covered with a release film prior to part lay-up. Typically, hand taping of large, uniform cross sectional tools is time consuming and costly, especially in the Aerospace industry. Hi-Shrink FEP tubing helps reduce tool prep and part lay-up time by allowing operators to ‘sleeve’ the tool with the release film tubing. Application of heat initiates tube shrinkage and results in a tight, uniform film covering on the tool surface.

  • Thinner tubing wall (0.043mm vs 0.10mm) than the competitors’ product, helps eliminate bladder distortion when used over inflatable tooling. Lower shrink force exerted on the bladder allows for better bladder expansion during cure, reducing porosity inside of cured composite parts.
  • Shrinks up to 66% faster when compared to competitors tubing, reducing labor time in tool prep area.
  • Longer roll lengths help end user decrease waste and minimize splicing of tubing on parts
  • .002” thick RED FEP Film
  • 10% shrink ratio (in diameter only), 0% shrinkage in length
  • Custom Sizes are Available

Boeing plane image
Fuselage line image