High Temperature Heat Shrink Tape ETFE

Hi-Shrink Tape is a tough, flexible, heat shrinkable polyester film.

Hi-Shrink 212HT is an ETFE based shrink film designed to provide release characteristics and moderate compaction forces at higher temperatures. 212HT is a specialty ETFE tape that is very flexible for complex shapes and offers higher temperature capabilities for thermoset applications up to 180°C.

Product Description:

  • .002” (0.050mm) thick, multi-layer film, ETFE/Nylon/ETFE
  • Available on 1.5” (38mm) ID or 3.0” (76mm) ID Cores
  • Standard widths of 0.5” (12mm) wide up to 2.5” (63.5mm) wide

Product Benefits

  • High temperature stability
  • Excellent release characteristics
  • 300% elongation, so film can conform to uneven parts

Product Characteristics

  • Naturally releasing fluoropolymer film
  • Non-coated, no trace transfer to parts
  • Only available in 12% shrink
  • Suitable for cure temperatures up to 356F (180C)
  • Opaque yellow color

Thermostat icon. Up to 180°C


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Product Release Coated Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force Max Taping Tension
212HT 0.002 in (0.050mm) 12% 1.65 10 lbs

Shrink force vs temperature graph

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