F-Series tapes

F-Series tapes combine the high compaction forces of polyester film with the high-temperature release characteristics of a PVF (Tedlar®) coating from DuPont®.

The tape has a PVF release layer fused to one side of the film, specifically designed to provide uniform release characteristics with zero transfer of the coating to the underlying composite part. Due to the uniform PVF coating, the tape can provide consistent release at temperatures at and above the 170°C max temp of our PTFE coated tapes.

F-Series tapes can be used in both advanced composite and electrical coil applications as a lower cost alternative to pure PVF film. The product offers our best combination of compaction and release characteristics at elevated temperatures. Dunstone F-Series Hi-Shrink Tapes are offered in .002” thick, 10% shrink, and .002” thick, 20% shrink versions.

Product Description:

  • .002” (0.050mm) thick Polyester film
  • PVF coating fused to one side of the film
  • Available on 1.5” (38mm) ID or 3.0” (76mm ) ID cores
  • Standard widths of 0.5” (12mm) wide up to 2.5” (63.5mm) wide

Product Benefits

  • High compaction force of our shrinkable PET film
  • Excellent release properties of PVF (Tedlar®) film
  • Higher service temperature than our standard PTFE coated Hi-Shrink Tapes
  • Easy removal from cured parts
  • Suitable for cure temperatures up to 356°F (180°C)

Product Characteristics

  • Available in 1-side coated only
  • Custom slit widths and roll lengths available upon request
  • Available in 10% or 20% shrink versions

Thermostat icon. Up to 180°C


Product Release Coated Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force 
(lbs/inch of width)
Max Taping Tension 
(lbs/inch of width)
210F 0.002 in (0.050mm) 10% 6.33 48 lbs
220F 0.002 in (0.050mm) 20% 10.74 59 lbs

Shrink force vs temperature graph