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Hi-Shrink Tape is a tough, flexible, heat shrinkable polyester film.

When wrapped around an object and heated, Hi-Shrink Tape has the unique ability to shrink and apply pressure to the surface of composite parts. This simple method of pressure application is used to advantage in many industries.

Product Description:

  • .0014” (0.035mm) thick Polyester film
  • Available on 1.5” (38mm) ID or 3.0” (76mm ) ID cores
  • Standard widths of 0.5” (12mm) wide up to 2.5” (63.5mm) wide

Product Benefits

  • Helps consolidate ground wall insulation when used as sacrifice material on preconsolidated coils
  • Applies variable shrink force based on shrink % that you specify, and amount of layers you apply
  • Easy application and easy removal from cured parts
  • Electrical grade polyester base film provides good dielectric properties when film is left on coils
  • Popular intermediate film thickness when more tensile strength is required vs. 100 Series products

Product Characteristics

  • Available in non-coated, 1-side, or 2-side release coated versions
  • Custom slit widths and roll lengths available upon request
  • Available shrink percentage ranges from 5% up to 20% shrink, and is customized to your application based on amount of compaction force required

Up to 165°C

Cure Temperature

Product Release
Thickness MD Shrink % Max Shrink Force 
(lbs/inch of width)
Max Taping Tension
(lbs/inch of width)
1412RR 0.0014 in (0.035 mm) 5% 4.83 30 lbs
1420S 0.0014 in (0.035 mm) 12% 7.57 37 lbs

Shrink force vs temperature graph 

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