Hi-Shrink Tape. Heat Shrinkable Polyester

The Dunstone Family of Products

  • Heat Shrink TapeHi-Shrink Tapes
    Dunstone's core product line, our Hi-Shrink Tapes are unique in that they allow the user to control the amount of compressive force applied to the underlying part during the cure process.
  • non shrink tape Polyester and ETFE Non-Shrink Tape
    Dunstone offers non-shrink tapes to assist with various applications in composite product processing.
  • tedlar replacementTedlar® Replacement Films & Tapes
    Dunstone's Tedlar® Replacement products can be used as release films or film overwrap in many applications. These products are readily available and in stock.

    *Tedlar® is a Registered Trademark of the DuPont Corporation.
  • release filmRelease Coated Polyester and Hi Temperature ETFE
    We have a line of release films that give the user a mix of properties to suit different applications.
  • heat shrink tubingHi-Shrink Tubing
    Dunstone's Hi-Shrink Tubing product line is designed to streamline the processing of advanced composite parts with our unique linear seam tube solution.