Hi-Shrink Tape. Heat Shrinkable Polyester

Hi-Shrink Tubing PET

PET Hi-Shrink Tubing from Dunstone is designed to streamline the processing of advanced composite parts with our unique linear seam tube solution.

Made from modified polyester film, our H-Shrink PET tubing offers users a method of applying compressive force to a composite part to assist in ply compaction. This tubing will shrink 70% in the diameter, and apply a compaction and debulking force to the composite plies underneath.

shrink tubing

Hi-Shrink PET Tubing's unique properties can solve various problems in the processing of tubular composite structures.

heat shrink tubing

Commonly used as a processing aid to enable tubular parts to be moved between layup stations, or as a means of assisting operators with intermediate de-bulks during ply layup, the tubing's ability to shrink and restrain the underlying material, can be applied to numerous uses in the production of advanced composite parts.
The tubing's high shrink ratio is advantageous when you need to seal a plaster or water soluble mandrel with an irregular shape, as it will shrink and conform to the contours of the part.

Hi-Shrink PET tubing will offer less shrink force than a taping process, and is not recommended as an alternative to our Hi-Shrink Tapes if significant compressive force is required for part processing.

Product Elements

  • Wall Thicknesses
    • LST-PET .0024" (0.0508mm)
  • Shrink Percentages
    • LST-PET 70%
  • Starts to shrink
    • LST-PET 150°F (65°C)
  • Maximum use temperature
    • LST-PET 350°F (180°C)

Product Benefits

  • Highest shrink percentages of any tubing available
  • Eliminates cello lines
  • Uniform thickness and consistent shrink %
  • Reduce prep times prior to part layup