Hi-Shrink Tape. Heat Shrinkable Polyester


Dunstone's Hi Shrink Tubing product line is designed to streamline the processing of advanced composite parts, with our unique linear seam tube solution.

This product line has the highest shrink percentages of any release film tubing available. It has high temperature capabilities, uniform thickness and a consistent shrinkage percentage. Our Hi Shrink Tubing also reduces prep times, prior to part lay-up, and extends the lifecycle of inflatable silicone mandrels. How is that, for quality and reliability?


We also carry polyester (PET) based tubes with high shrink rates designed for ply compaction and mandrel sealing. Our Hi Shrink Tubing PET is made from modified polyester film. It offers users a method of applying compressive force to a composite part, to assist in ply compaction. This tubing will shrink 70% in the diameter, and apply a compaction and debulking force to the composite plies underneath.

The benefits of this polyester film product include the highest shrink percentages of any tubing available on the market, today, as well as the elimination of cello lines. With this product, you can attain uniform thickness and a consistent shrink percentage. It also reduces prep times, prior to part lay-up.


We also have an industry first: linear seam tube made from heat shrinkable ETFE high temperature release film and FEP high temperature release film, designed to shrink over composite tooling, to eliminate hand-wrapping of release films.

You can request a free sample online, download a data sheet, or contact one of our customer service representatives, today. We’re here to help you, as you help us understand your needs.

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